Recruiting for Diversity is About to Get Easier for You!

Diversity and Inclusion is a popular conversation topic in Corporate America these days due to social awareness and bottom-line benefits. It has been well-established that companies with talented employees from a multiplicity of backgrounds consistently perform better and every enterprise wants that advantage. What seems to be hidden however, are proven ways to increase variety in your talent pools. Fortunately for all concerned, Proactive Talent has made a valuable resource freely accessible. 

Inside the "How To Source Diversity" training guide:

  • How To Leverage Chief Diversity Officers for Recruitment Success
  • Innovative Strategies for Finding Hidden Diverse Talent 
  • Resources for Analyzing the State of Diversity in Major Organizations
  • The Unintentional Advantage of Recognizing Companies for Their Diversity Programs
  • Ridiculously easy ways to passively target specific groups of diverse candidates

In this downloadable guide, the diversity and inclusion recruitment best practices shared will give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Learn, study, and implement them before they become industry standards. 

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Congratulations in advance for increasing the hires of underrepresented candidates inside your company.