Building a Recruitment Engine From the Ground Up

πŸ˜• UTHET, owned by Ardent Health, was struggling to fill their job roles and had limited resources and time to fulfill the necessary job requisitions required to sustain its business operations.


  • UTHET was tasked with hiring over 600 people specializing in nursing, nursing support, physical therapy, and other roles to start in August of 2018 with only a handful of recruiters supporting over 120 hiring managers.
  • By September/October, UTHET’s hiring requirement need doubled to 1,200 people
  • There were other hospital systems in the DFW area that offered higher wages.
  • They went through a company rebrand and had an unknown employer brand.
  • Hiring for critical RN areas such as RN-Critical Care, RN-Emergency and RN-Medical/Surgical was very difficult and retention was low.
  • Low supply of talent in challenging areas such as Nursing & Physical Therapy.
  • Low unemployment rates of the Tyler, TX and East Texas regions.


πŸ”₯ Within the first 45 days of the ODR engagement, the recruiting team extended 236 offers, accounting for 42% of positions open at the time of the kick-off.

πŸ”₯ 1,300+ roles were filled by the recruiting team reducing overall time to fill by 40%

πŸ”₯ $2,600,000 in Recruiting Cost Savings


😍 "When we engaged with the team at Proactive Talent, we had 500+ open roles, one recruiter, minimal processes, and over 100 hiring managers doing their own hiring from paper resumes. We needed to build a modern recruiting team and strategy quick! During the 6 months we worked with Proactive Talent, we tripled our hiring volume while at the same time decreasing our cost per hire by over 50% resulting in over 1,300 positions being filled over that time. Proactive Talent added the firepower we needed in the short term while also building a comprehensive strategy for the long term. No other service provider could have accomplished this for us or worked as such a natural extension of our team as Proactive Talent. I would highly recommend them to other companies needing a partner to fuel their hiring and talent attraction capabilities."

- Brent McCombs, SVP Human Resources