Modernizing an Employer Brand

🤔 Anaplan was going through an exciting period of growth and was looking to modernize their employer brand strategy towards a more proactive approach to bringing in top talent and showcasing their culture on their recruiting channels.


Anaplan is building a future where connected leaders and teams are able to constantly adapt, transform and reinvent their businesses. We make it possible to share actionable insights, empower and unleash creativity, and drive innovation. With Anaplan, finance and operational leaders across the organization can model complex scenarios, forecast continuously with added intelligence, and make agile decisions with confidence.


👉 Proactive Talent worked closely with Anaplan to develop their employer brand, its strategy and redesign, auditing existing channels, competitors, and internal resources to design and implement an employer brand to effectively reach the talent they need.


🔥 We developed new employer brand narrative to promote and bring company mission, vision and values to life, authentically communicating Anaplan’s unique culture, work and impact, to drive recruiting and employer brand efforts.

🔥 We created new job descriptions to promote employment opportunities at Anaplan in a compelling, engaging way that accurately reflects the company culture, EVP and brand, with a disciplined approach to ensure all future recruitment marketing materials stay on brand and strategy with EVP.

🔥 We assessed Anaplan's recruitment marketing platform and delivered recommendations for implementation to improve the overall design and candidate experience with the careers site.