Turning Culture Complexity From
An Anchor To An Asset

🤔Tradeshift had a fairly strong employer brand, but it lacked focus and the ability to highlight how they are different from other companies. Their career content was inconsistent and did not support a defined position. They needed a strategy to outline where Tradeshift wanted to go as well as how to get there. They also needed help optimizing their recruitment process as well as filling vacant positions.


👍We audited Tradeshift's channels and interviewed with staff to define the current state of Tradeshift's employer brand and from there developed an employer brand strategy guide that defined an employer brand position and detailed 14-page plan for execution. We also built a robust, qualified pipeline of prescreened candidates and delivered recommendations to optimize their recruitment process.


"I really enjoyed working with Proactive Talent for our 3-month engagement. The combination of overall employer branding strategy and content has given us the start to drive employer branding initiatives and help open the doors with cross-functional leadership to collaborate on these projects."

Lyndsay Hanley, Employer Brand Manager, Tradeshift